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Strain Shirt of the Month - 6 Months


Strain Shirt of the Month - 6 Months

from 132.00
  • As you all know, I spend my days traveling this great land in search of the kindest friends I can find. Although my travels do often lead beyond the borders of the USA I’ve found some of my greatest buds right here in our own backyard. We have an incredibly diverse landscape and climate that helps make each strain unique. Whether its Alaskan Thunderfunk, Hawaiian Sativa or anywhere in between, American strains are getting better and more iconic each day.

    Its gotta be the pure freedom that allows us to stretch out and truly let our personalities shine. Over the past few years we’ve seen our country get behind the positive effects of cannabis and allow those looking for relief and relaxation the opportunity to breath it in. We still have a long way to go but places like California and Colorado continue to see tremendous and positive growth because of their decision. Oregon, Washington, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Alaska, and even Washington DC have decriminalized and legalized! We have a long way to go and yet so much to be thankful for. We are rolling in the right direction y’all!

    Happy Birthday America!

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