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Best Cannabis Clothing

best cannabis clothing

When it comes to the best cannabis clothing, our team at Bud’s T Shirt Club can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Not only can our team guide you through our wide inventory, we also offer some of the best prices on the web. We offer the best cannabis clothing that is completely original. Once a month, we send out a completely original T shirt that is only printed for one month. We can help you build an extensive wardrobe of cannabis related T shirts that are truly one of a kind.

Made for Comfort. Made with Originality

Many online stores offer cannabis clothing.  There are a lot of great brands that offer original clothing designs. However, none of those other brands are quite as unique as Bud’s T Shirt Club. Each month, a new design is created that is inspired by some of the most popular strains of marijuana. There is more to our clothing line than just cool designs. Each one of our tee shirts are made of a sixty-forty blend that breathes and stretches. While wearing our cannabis clothing, you can expect to stand out in the crowd while feeling comfortable beyond compare.

Surprisingly Affordable

Cannabis clothing is surprisingly more affordable than you may be imagining. Instead of paying top dollar for clothing that everyone has, you can pay much less at Bud’s T Shirt Club while collecting an extensive tee shirt collection. At Bud’s T Shirt Club, we offer a monthly membership. Onetime orders are accepted, but customers will find that they save money by opting to become a member. Members can expect extra perks and benefits that onetime buyers are not privy to. We strive to provide the lowest possible prices on top quality tee shirts.

Machine Washable

While our shirts are made with quality craftsmanship, they do not require special washing instructions. You can wash your cannabis tee shirts in a regular washing machine with warm water. It is best to avoid hot water to prevent the design from being compromised. Even through multiple washes, shirts from Bud’s T Shirt Club remain bright and vibrant. Our shirts last the test of time without requiring dry cleaning or other special treatment. Our shirts are also safe to throw in the dryer as long as low heat is used. Following these washing tips can help keep your tee shirt in the best possible condition for long periods of time.

Incomparable Quality and Prices

While there are tons of options out there when it comes to cannabis clothing brands, not one single one of them can compete with the unique T shirts you will find at Bud’s T Shirt Club. Each month we design a fresh cannabis related T shirt. After we ship to our clients, the design is destroyed and never printed again. You can count on never getting the same design twice at Bud’s T Shirt Club. We will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality T shirts that we produced.