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30 Simmons Road
Atlantic Beach, FL, 32233
United States


Meet Bud


High. I’m Bud. I’ve spent the last several weeks soaking up the sun thinking about a cool and creative way to connect the cannabis community.  You see, my family and I were given the most magical gift known to man. We’ve been using this gift to elevate experiences, create friendships, break down barriers, inspire artists, free minds, spread peace, heal and just straight up find the fun.  I wanted to create a program that celebrates these magical powers in a fun, communal and organic fashion. So roll one up and take a look around. I’m Bud and this is my Tee Shirt Club.


At the beginning of each month I’ll release a different super soft tee shirt that features fresh artwork from some of the world’s top artist and designers.  Each shirt will pay homage to my favorite buds from around the planet and I’ll deliver it straight to the doors of all of my members. Once the month ends that design gets burnt out and is sent over to our online gallery never to be printed again.  So the shirt is just as unique as the strain and, just like the harvest window, it’s time sensitive.


I love my buds more than anything in the world. Each one of them is unique and special in their own way. It was this pure emotion that truly planted the seed for this club. I’ve combined my passion for community, travel, art, apparel & cannabis into one streamlined program that will always remain rooted in celebration of the world’s finest strains. I spend my time traveling the globe visiting old buds and meeting new ones.  I hand select my favorites from around the globe but I am always open to meeting new buds. So, if you have a strain that I haven’t met and you think I need to check out - pass the name on over - there are no such thing as straingers in the cannabis community, only buds.


Club membership is only $23 per month with free shipping inside the USA!
Additional $10 shipping for addresses outside of the USA (for subscriptions outside the USA choose one of our international subscriptions at signup)

There is no commitment. You can cancel your monthly membership or change your shirt size at any time. I’m laid back - it’s in my nature! 

If a monthly membership is not right for you, no problem. You can pre-pay for a 3, 6, 9, or 12 month membership.


I will roll your shirt with my own hands and drop it right in your mailbox each month via USPS. Note on how the club works. You will receive your first shirt the month following your sign up. Example if you sign up between March 1st – March 31st you will receive your first shirt in April.